Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the largest civilian airport in northern Taiwan, exclusively serving international flights. It is the main point of entry for international tourists into northern Taiwan, and one of Taiwan's most important windows on the world. Currently, Taoyuan International Airport has two terminals. Construction of Terminal 3 is scheduled to begin in future. The airport is well-connected by freeways and bus services. The airport's rapid transit line opened by 2017 will provide even better and more convenient transfers for airline passengers.

Taoyuan International Airport to downtown Taoyuan
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport ← By bus - about 40 mins. →Taoyuan Railway Station
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport ← By taxi - about 20 mins. →Taoyuan Railway Station

HSR Taoyuan Station shuttle bus
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport ↔Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station - 25 mins

HSR Taoyuan Station shuttle bus:
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport:Ubus service counters at Terminal 1 and 2 Arrival Halls.
Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station:Platform 1 at THSR Taoyuan Station bus depot.
Bus service number:0800-241560


There many attractions to let visitors to travel. First of all, Shihmen Reservoir is one of Taiwan's major reservoirs. Once the largest water conservancy project in Southeast Asia, visitors may find many restaurants open near the reservoir serving fresh reservoir fish delicacies. Secondly, Daxi Old Street is one of the more famous Taiwanese old streets. It used to be a bustling hub for camphor and the tea trade, filled with diverse stores with façades designed in a Baroque style. The street also has the Daxi Wood Art Eco museum. Full travel details available on Taoyuan government web site Link.

Taoyuan City Travel Map