About Taoyuan


Taoyuan is located approximately 40 km southwest of Taipei, in northern Taiwan, and occupies 1,220 km2. It is made up of low-lying plains, interconnected mountains and plateaus. Its shape has a long and narrow southeast-to-northwest trend, with the southeast in the Xueshan Range and the far end on the shores of the Taiwan Strait. As the location of Taiwan’s premier international airport, Taoyuan is not only the gateway to Taiwan, but also the first stop for international visitors arriving in our country, and an important hub for Taiwan’s interaction with the world. Taoyuan is one of Taiwan's top industrial and technology cities. Over 200 of Taiwan's top 500 manufacturing companies have factories in Taoyuan. Building on Taoyuan’s strategic location, excellent transportation links and rich industrial base, key industries targeted for development include aerospace maintenance and repair, warehousing and logistics, exhibitions and conventions, optoelectronics, green energy, value-added manufacturing, cloud computing, biotechnology and medicine. Through initiatives such as the Taoyuan Aerotropolis project, Taoyuan aims to reshape Taoyuan as a smart airport city.

Taoyuan has a population of 2,150,000 and an average age of just 37, making Taoyuan the most youthful of the six special municipalities. Taoyuan is divided into 12 districts and 1 mountain indigenous district. City culture is composed of diverse groups, including Southern Fujian, Hakka, immigrants from other provinces, indigenous people, and new immigrants. Each group not only sustains and enhances their original humane features, but make up the splendid and abundant cultural landscape in this area.

Taoyuan welcomes our international friends to visit and discover Taoyuan’s extraordinary development.